Have you tried "Icy Jelly" before? 

Try Icy Jelly, HERME's signature dessert today! Icy Jelly is a famous summer treat in Sichuan. This yummy dessert has been delighting fans with its smooth, chewy texture and cool, refreshing taste for many centuries. This dessert is the perfect harmony of taste and health. Made entirely from natural plant-based ingredients, every Icy Jelly is hand-prepared by our servers. The Icy Jelly doesn't just help you beat the summer heat. It cam also promote better digestion and detoxify your body.

Check out how the Icy Jelly is made in our video below!

Enjoy the Icy Jelly on its own or pair it with your favourite healthy toppings: delicious honey, tasty hawthorn, fresh aloe vera, etc... We also have a wide variety of mouth-watering and seasonal fruits like strawberry, pineapple, dragon fruit, watermelon. Red and green beans toppings are also a great option for detoxifying and cooling the body!

Herme_Fruity mix yogurt.jpg

Our healthy and nutritious snacks will leave you wanting more. Going beyond the traditional desserts, we've added surprises for your maximum enjoyment! What's not to love, when you have ice-cold desserts in hot and humid Singapore?

Other desserts you'll love include our fresh Fruity Mix Yogurt, Mango Sago, and our special selection of handmade dessert bowls with yam balls, grass jelly, red/green beans, pearls, and even soybean curd!

To complement our desserts, try HEREME's very own in-house snacks such as Magma Cheese Toast and our handmade Mochi. The toast is a unique combination of cheese cake and milk toast, topped with almond flakes and slow toasted to a perfect crispiness on the outside, fluffiness on the inside. Our mochi comes in many flavours too.