Nam Dae Mun 
Healthy and Always Natural

Nam Dae Mun first opened its doors in 2007, Shanghai and has since became a global phenomenon with more than 500 franchises all over the world. In 2019, the well-loved brand opened its first ever store in Singapore, and its sticky rice cakes quickly became a super hot item. They are deliciously soft, chewy and appealing to people of all ages. But most importantly, it fulfills a growing desire for healthy and natural food in a world that's saturated with artificial flavours. In contrast, Nam Dae Mun's rice cakes are made from scratch using traditional, time consuming methods involving hours of preparation. From soaking to steaming to pounding, very step is made-to-order in-store, to ensure natural taste and freshness, aromatic zing and springy texture - characteristic of the handmade.

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In order to authentically recreate the essence of traditional Eastern delicacy, Shang Hai's Nam Dae Mun first sent its R&D team to Seoul, Korea for a whole year, where they learnt first-hand the local methods of making Korean rice cakes. After which they innovated and combined traditional culinary craft with modern equipment, and finally created a version of Korean rice cake that caters better to the tastebuds of young people today. At the same time, the team also researched deeply into the ancient methods of making Osmanthus cake, specifically from the region of Jiang Zhe, China, thus rekindling the popularity of Tang Dynasty’s royal delicacy; the Snow Jade Osmanthus Cake. This dish is highly commended for its 100% natural process with zero fat. 


Likewise, Singapore’s Nam Dae Mun took the local flavours in its stride and created several original Singapore-only items such as the AAA+ Maoshan Durian Glutinous Mochi, Durian Snow Jade Osmanthus Cake, Thai Honey Mango Mochi, Kaya Cheese Osmanthus Cake etc. The menu is created with local taste profile and preferences in mind. That is why Singapore’s Nam Dae Mun is now the world’s first fully integrated and localised rice cake and desserts store. In our commitment to serving only natural food, we specially collaborated with Herme, a premium beverage brand that combines the best grade Taiwanese High Mountain tea with a variety of fresh fruits, taking pains to provide you with both good taste and lots of healthy vitamins.

Every piece from us is handmade and every flavour is thoughtfully put together. As we continue to adapt to the market and create new, season inspired items for our customers, we hope that our efforts will be recognised. Meanwhile, it is our heartfelt wish that our healthy and natural food concept lets everyone eat happily with an ease of mind.