HERME is a joint venture by Old Cheng Du Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant.


Established in 2007 by top culinary chefs, Old Cheng Du has been serving both locals and foreign fans for more than a decade. At 4,300 square feet, its flagship restaurant in Chinatown spans across three storeys in a quaint shophouse building. Since then, Old Cheng Du has opened 3 more outlets in Chinatown: Frog Meat Fish Head Hot Pot, Old Chengdu Ma La Tang, and its dessert branch, Tastea. Old Cheng Du's Sichuan Braised Delights are also available through online delivery and supermarkets like Yue Hwa Chinese Products (coming soon to NTUC Fairprice). Old Cheng Du will also be opening a store in Changi Airport Terminal One. Old Cheng Du is also in the midst of negotiations with Koufu with an eye on serving Old Cheng Du delicacies in Koufu food courts islandwide.

This past year we have been working hard on developing our new items, gaining experience, and gathering feedback from all of you so that we can continuously improve. However, our core mission remains the same to combine various Eastern traditional confectionaries, beverages and spotlight them on the global culinary stage. Most importantly, we want to create a lasting brand with a vision to reach many overseas audiences, thus allowing the traditional goodies that we love so much to be shared with more people.