Created for the 21st Century tea lovers, HERME is a premium beverage brand that aims to be a part of the modern city dwellers’ diet and lifestyle.


Herme is the brainchild of F&B and media professionals. Our four lady co-founders have over 12 years of F&B experience combined. We have the co-founder of the famous Old Cheng Du Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant, two co-founders with 7 years of experience in the Taiwan milk tea and dessert store business in Singapore, and a seasoned advertising creative director.


With their girl powers combined, they have set their sights on making HERME the number one beverage and dessert chain in Singapore.

HERME is phonetically translated to Chinese “喝迷“, meaning that we hope you will fall in love with us.


All our signature drinks are handcrafted using fresh seasonal fruits. All fruits are cold pressed or blended to a pulp for the best taste and texture. Only premium high mountain leaves from Taiwan are used to brew our teas. Our fresh milk is a top quality pasteurised milk from Australia, selected for its creaminess.

At HERME, we believe in serving the best tea for your maximum enjoyment. Guilt-free. All in one cup.